Extending and modernising a home

When the client first approached us they had great plans for this small character cottage.

It was in desperate need of modernisation and was in a state of semi dereliction.

The planning authority however didn’t quite see the potential for this in the same light as our clients.

The small scale and character of this cottage, and resident bats presented us with a challenge. The property was in desperate need of an extension to address the two up two down domestic scale, and make this into a comfortable modern home for our clients.

The planning authority wanted the scale and the presence of the original property to be retained.

This resulted in a neatly scaled single storey extension to the side of the main property, providing an additional bedroom in the roof space and ample living accommodation on the ground floor.

This together with complete renovation of the original property complemented by clients delicate landscaping skills set this property back into a beautiful village landscape.