From 2D sketches to 3D Models

One of the many ways of demonstrating the design of a building is to create a physical three-dimensional model. With computer technology we can already create 3D fly-throughs and still visuals for people to view, as well as conventional printed plans and elevations.

However, there are times when a physical model is of benefit. This can either be a client’s preference, helping them to understand the space to be created, or for projects where there might be a public interest, such as for consultations and exhibitions for larger developments, commercial or retail properties.

One of our architects, Stephen Quinn, is a keen architectural modeller and can often be found creating such structures for clients.

Initially, he will develop plans with drawings using our CAD technology – the conventional method for the majority of our work. It is after this that a 3D model can be created. Our images show a house he has designed in Cardiff. A client wanted to have a better understanding of the floorspace and other aspects of the final building. Rather than go down the computer 3D route, Stephen created a model.