Projects Commercial

17 High Street

We started with a run- down 2 storey old woollen store in the centre of town and ended up with an award winning 4 storey mixed use building. How did we do it? By simply re- crafting the building using the language of the existing woollen store so it kept its imposing look from the outside while changing the floor levels inside. In doing so we lifted the ground floor to create a basement retail area but carefully designed the floor above it to allow for wheelchair access. We then re- set the upper floors to create new office space while paying due regard to the existing window arrangements. A sensitive renovation of the outside of the building included the removal of the wonderful mint- green painted brickwork and the opening up of existing windows to make them decent sized shopfronts which resulted in our first Civic Society Award for this fine Conservation Area building.

We are very proud of this project which created about 1000sq ft of retail area and 2000 sq ft of rentable office area than what was there before resulting in a considerable commercial return for our client. It was a very mucky project that involved the excavation of a vast basement area but as soon as we got out of the ground took 7 months to complete.